Our CSA shares are full for 2015

We have been overwhelmed with the number of people here in North Iowa who want to purchase fresh produce from us on a weekly basis.  Thank you for your great response and trust in our produce!  While we want to serve as many of you as possible, we are now full and must say no to any new applications for CSA shares.  You can still purchase our produce at the North Iowa Farmers Market in Mason City (Fleet Farm – Tuesdays and Friday from 3-6 pm) and the Clear Lake Farmers Market at the Surf Ballroom on Saturdays from 9-12 pm.

Our days are now busy with planting new strawberry plants, weeding, and harvesting early greens.  The lettuce, spinach, kale, peas, cabbage, and broccoli are growing very quickly and will be ready very soon!  The pear trees and apple trees are blooming this week, so the bees are very busy as you can imagine!

If you are needing radishes, we now have them available for sale at $1.50 a bunch.  Feel free to give us a call at 641-423-0030 to schedule a time for you to come out to get some!

We also have 3 year old gogi berry plants available for $5 a plant.  These particular plants are already 5-6 feet tall and they make a good hedge with beautiful flowers in the early summer.  They DO NOT produce gogi berries but instead provide nutritious leaves full of antioxidants.  The leaves are great for vegetable soups and are good for drying to make tea.  We are moving these out so we can let our berry-producing plants grow with more space.  If you are interested in these, please call us and we’ll work out a time for you to get them.  You need to bring your own buckets to put them in for transport home.