About Us

Let us introduce ourselves and our family!  We are Jesse and Becky Huang of Mason City, Iowa.  Our berry farm is located at 19343 C 220th Street, Mason City. We use about 3 acres of our land currently for growing produce.

Jesse grew up in the Philippines before moving to the United States to pursue his design engineering degree.  Having grown up in a rich Chinese and Filipino culture, Jesse quickly learned the importance of eating fresh and healthy.  He was totally shocked when he moved to the United States and discovered American cuisine to be full of toxins, chemicals, and unnecessary fats.  Becky grew up as a pastor’s daughter in northern Iowa and she learned to enjoy gardening because of her father and mother’s desire to raise their own food.  She inherited her mother’s love of research and she began to study alternative medicine and nutritional science on her own as an adult.  As soon as she married Jesse, she began growing as much of her own chemical-free food as she could.  As she saw friends and her own mother die of cancer, she became even more convinced that artificial preservatives and chemicals have no place in the American diet.

The Lord has richly blessed the Huangs with 8 children.  Each child has been raised to love the Lord, love people, and love the amazing bounty of natural foods that are available when one gets involved in growing them.  Each child has helped in raising the produce, freezing it, canning it, selling it, etc. They also each have a position on the farm. You will probably meet them at market as they sell the products with their dad. They enjoy passing nutritional and agricultural information on to their customers as they meet them at market.  Don’t hesitate to ask them about the various products you are purchasing!

At North Iowa Berries all of our products are grown chemical-free.  We use natural organic practices such as crop rotation, composted manure, and fish emulsion when raising our crops.  Our water for irrigation comes from a 250 foot well which continually tests at extremely clean and pure levels.  It is extremely important to us that our food is as pure and natural as is possible.  Therefore, we spend many hours researching and attending conferences on organic growing practices, heirloom seeds, etc.   If you ever have any questions, please feel free to email us at northiowaberries@gmail.com.  We want to help you as much as we can!

(Our daughter, Janette, has also opened up her own business, A Daughter’s Handiwork.  Customers love Janette’s rag rugs.  She loves to recycle clothes and make them into custom made rugs to meet her customer’s needs.  She also offers crocheted plastic rugs and beautiful thick potholders made by one of her adopted grandmas.)