Microgreens are here!

We survived the VERY LONG winter and now we are quickly preparing for the North Iowa Farmers Market and the Clear Lake Farmers Market.

The North Iowa Farmers Market begins on Friday, May 18.  Hours are 4 – 6:30 pm.

The Clear Lake Farmers Market begins on Saturday, May 19.  Hours are 9-12 pm.

We are adding more varieties of microgreens on this year and they are absolutely delicious.  Because of the lack of greens in the store right now, we increased our production and are loving all the wonderful microgreen flavors of broccoli, sunflower microgreens, red cabbage, kale, peas, and more. Add some fresh radishes from the high tunnel and even our little ones beg for more salad!  Be sure to come find us at the market for some fresh samples!  If you can’t wait that long, we don’t blame you.  Feel free to call us at 641-423-0030 and see what we have harvested for that day!

Microgreens are different than sprouts.  They are allowed to grow for 7-10 days in dirt, which allows the stems and beginning leaves to form, permitting the chlorophyll to form.  These young edible seedlings are then harvested at the cotyledon leaf stage which allows for a denser nutrient density than their counterparts. Each type of microgreen has its own distinct vegetable flavor.  We personally love the nutty flavor of sunflower microgreens, the spiciness of radishes, the dark rich flavor of kale, and the sweet, but distinct taste of the broccoli microgreens.

Which ones are the most nutritious??  Broccoli, kale, and red radish microgreens are touted as the best anti-cancer agents, but other microgreens also give you a powerhouse of Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and other important antioxidants.  Studies are showing microgreens to be much higher in vitamins and minerals than the vegetables they produce!  Folks love to use our microgreens in smoothies, green drinks, salads, stir-fries, wraps, sandwiches, and much more.  Give them a try for yourself!

Pictured here are our kale microgreens.  They are brimming with abundant amounts of Vitamin C and Vitamin A.  Don’t be afraid to try all the different varieties we offer at market in order to get a full array of the antioxidants your body desperately needs.